Saturday, September 3, 2011

GRILLED LEMON OIL Dressing - Recipe

FAST and EASY RECIPE: When you need a nice light Lemony Oil dressing for use on a salad, or over some grilled chicken, etc. this one is hard to beat. 
It is an easy recipe to make from some common ingredients that you probably have just lying around.
And, you will find that it is very tasty, with the combination of the Lemon and Charred flavors.

 3     large     Lemons
 1     cup        EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil
 2     tsp.        Kosher Salt

1-    Capture and save about 2-tsp of the zest of the Lemons.
2-    Split the Lemons lengthwise, then cut the halves into slices.
3-    Grill the Lemon slices until they are charred on both sides.
4-    Place the Lemons in a coarse strainer, and use a wooden spoon to press all of the juice from the lemons.
5-    Place the Juice into a bowl, and then add the Olive Oil and the Salt, stirring until all of the ingredients are mixed well.
6-  Add the zest to the mixture and blend well before use.

Place the mixture into a squeeze bottle for use.

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