I have written several books that are available for purchase. And, if you decide to click on the site, please know that it is a secure site that is run by my publisher, and is safe for you to use your credit card, if you decide to make a purchase.

The first Book is called OLD RECIPES - Central VIRGINIA. It is a collection of old recipes, most of which my Wife and I collected when we lived in the very rural area of Central Virginia called Clifford.
These are the recipes that we were given by the local people that were our neighbors, and friends during the 70's.
They are basic recipes and do not call for exotic ingredients, utensils or cooking procedures.
It is, as they say, just plain "Down Home" food.


The second Book is called FOOD FACTS and is organized in an Encyclopedia-style format.
It is in alphabetical order for use as a quick look-up guide, and includes data on; Foods, Definitions Preparation Methods, Selection Tips, Storage Methods, applications in dishes, Nutrition information, Health applications, and much more.
It can help you understand more about what you are eating, and thus become a better Chef.


  1. the glass of wine is annoying and impedes reading. it's like listening to two radio stations at once. Maybe am just not a multi-tasker. But.....who needs it?? 'bye

  2. Hi Don, I like your blog. The recipes look really scrumptious. Need to check in more often and don't mind rude people, they are everywhere. I don't mind the glass of wine, I could do with a glass right now


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