Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mustard and Chive Vinaigrette – RECIPE

This Vinaigrette has a very nice flavor for use on Salads, of all kinds, and it also goes well with strong Fish dishes, such as Salmon.

We got the recipe from a fellow camper who served it to us one night in Arizona.
Her husband was diabetic and had a heart problem, and she said that it was Low-Fat, Low-Carb and Low-Sugar. 
She wrote down the recipe for us, and we evolved it, over time, to this.


4              tbs.        Red Wine Vinegar
2              tbs.        Spicy Mustard
2              tbs.        Water
1              tbs.        Honey
4              tbs.        Chives (greens, chopped )
2              tbs.        EVOO (Olive Oil)
1              tsp.        Dry Mustard
1              tsp.        Black Pepper, Rough Ground
1/2         tsp.        Salt, Kosher
1              clove     Garlic, minced


1.       Combine the Vinegar, Water, Mustard and Honey in a bowl and blend together well.
2.       Add the Oil, slowly and blend into the mixture.
3.       Add the Chives, Garlic, Salt, Dry Mustard, and Black Pepper, and then blend the mixture together well.
4.       You can use this Vinaigrette right away, or let it sit for a few hours to allow the flavors to combine.
5.       Just shake and use this Vinaigrette.
NOTE: This recipe yields around 2/3-cup of Vinaigrette dressing, and a serving size is 1-tablespoon


Calories-               21
Total Fat-             1.8 g
Sat. Fat-               0.3 g
Cholesterol-         95.3 mg
Carbohydrates-   1.3 g
Fiber-                  0.1 g
Sugars-               1.1 g
Protein-               0 g

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