Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sangria by the Pool

I guess everyone, today, is familiar with the popular and fruity Spanish Summer drink called Sangria. 

There are easily hundreds of recipes for making Sangria, and the only unique thing about this one, is that it has a flavor that is more “Peachy” than most.  

When we make it, it is usually during the time of year that fresh Peaches are on sale everywhere, and we always try to take advantage of the cheap prices.  Of course, today, with fruits and vegetables being shipped globally, you are able to get fresh Peaches pretty much year round.
Anyway, this recipe tastes great, and I recommend that you make it a day ahead of time to allow all of the flavors to blend together.

It is easy to make and tastes great.


1/2           cup         Peach Schnapps
2              bottles   White Wine, Dry, (750-ml.bottles),
1/3          cup         Vodka
2              tbs.        Sugar
1              large      Lemon, sliced thin
1              large      Navel Orange, quartered and sliced
2              large      Peaches, ripe, peeled and sliced
1              can         Lemon/Lime Soda (12-oz.)


1.       Combine the Vodka, Schnapps and Sugar In a large Pitcher, and stir until the Sugar is dissolved.
2.       Add the remaining ingredients, except for the Soda.

3.       Stir together well, then cover, and place in the Fridge overnight, until ready to serve.

4.       When ready to serve, add the Soda, stir together well, and pour into tall glass’ that are filled with ice cubes.
5.       Serve Cold.

NOTE: The lemon/lime Soda adds very little to the overall flavor of this drink, but it does give it a little bubbly.

NOTE: If you want a drink that has a little less alcohol, try only using only 1 bottle of Wine instead of 2, and add another Peach,  1 cup of water, then when you add the Soda, use 2 cans instead of 1. 

NOTE: You can easily add your other favorite fruits to this drink,and change the flavor to exactly what you want. I recommend, more Oranges, more Lemon, Apples (sliced), Kiwi Fruit, (sliced), Pear (sliced), just to name a few.

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