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In this Blog, we will be using some terms and phrases at times that mean something to us, but that you may not recognize. On this page, I will list these and let you know what they mean to us.

When you cook, and you want to serve something special, either at home or to some friends, one of the things that I recommend to others is that they go back to the basics.
Pick a food that interests you and if you aren’t sure of the process, find one of your BASIC recipes, and use it. You don’t have to serve a complex and time consuming dish, to prove that you can cook. You just have to serve a good dish.

We see so many cookbooks and Food Sites, today that, really, you can get a dozen or more recipes for almost any dish you might name. For us, when I say that a recipe is a REAL MEAL, what I am saying is that it is something that a normal person, not necessarly a Chef, would eat regularly.
A REAL MEAL, in our minds, is a recipe for a dish that; 1- includes common and price concious ingredients,  2- is relatively easy to prepare, 3- has good flavors, 4- is healthy and often is relatively Low in Calories, Fat, Sugars, in some combination, and 5- is a dish that you eat often.

Some of the Recipes in this Blog will be what I call a DAILY RECIPE. A Daily Recipe is a simple, healthy recipe for a dish of Real Food. I eat these dishes regularly, and I can attest that they are good. These dishes will include their Nutritional Content, as well as one or more symbols giving you a quick reference of the nutritional category/s that will help you in your recipe selection.

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