Monday, September 19, 2011

Crispy Oatmeal Cookies - Old Recipe

This is an old Shoebox Recipe that I found the other day, and I remember it being very tasty, especially with the added Coconut, so I am updating it into my database.
 I really don’t know who we got the recipe from originally, but the paper is yellowed and the recipe is typed on a typewriter, so it has been around for a while.
It is a relatively simple recipe, and it is easy to make, but be warned, this is not a recipe for your soft, mushy, chewy cookies that are popular today. 
These are, as the name says, crispy, thin cookies, the kind that go crunch when you bite into them and they work really well for dipping into a glass of Milk, or Coffee.


1/4             lb.         Butter
1              cup         Brown Sugar
1              large       Egg
1/2           cup         Flour
2              tsp.        Baking Powder
1/2           tsp.        Baking Soda
1/2           tsp.        salt
1              tsp.       Vanilla
1              cup       Quick Quaker Oats
1              cup       Coconut, shredded


1.       Combine the Butter, Brown Sugar and Egg, and mix together well.

2.       Sift the Flour, Baking Powder,  Baking Soda, and Salt together, and add to the Butter mixture.

3.       Add the Vanilla, Oats and Coconut, blending together well.

4.       Using a tablespoon, place dollops of the mixture two inches apart onto a well-greased cookie sheet.

5.       Bake in a pre-heated 400F oven for 8-10 minutes.

6.       Watch them carefully as they can burn easily. They will puff up and then fall and spread out.

NOTE: You can reduce the Calories and total Sugar content some by using an artificial sweetener version of Brown Sugar such as Splenda.

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