Saturday, July 30, 2011

TURMERIC - Food Facts - Use in these dishes

We had dinner the other night with my Brother and Sister-in-Law. During that time, when we were discussing growing our own herbs, out of the Blue, she asked if we used Turmeric when we cooked. 
At first, I had to stop and think, and ended up responding with: "Yeah ....But not often!"
She laughed and the conversation moved on, so I went to my book, Food Facts, and reviewed what I had written there, as I really hadn't used it often or even recently.
There, I saw that I had obviously researched this herb before, and here is an excerpt from my book, Virginia, of which, by the way, you have a copy (sic)!

Turmeric is a root of the ginger family that has a mild, earthy and slightly bitter flavor. It is used, with mustard, as a flavoring for meats salads and dressings.
It is also used as a flavoring and coloring in some prepared mustards, and is a main ingredient in many Curry recipes.

Some of the foods it goes well in are;
Casseroles-....................use in Curried, Macaroni. Noodle and Rice dishes, and sometimes is used in place of Saffron.
Fish-...............................use in creamed seafood dishes such as Lobster, Salmon and Shrimp.
Meats and Poultry-......use 1/4 –tsp per preparation of; Broiled Chicken, and curried Beef and Lamb.
Preserves & Pickles-....use in Chow Chow, Chutney and Relishes.
Sauces & Gravies-........add to Bordelaise, Creole and Barbecue Sauces
Salads & Dressings-....use1/2-tsp per cup in Mayonnaise, French Dressings, or ¼ tsp just for color
Soups-...........................use a dash in creamed soups and chowders
Vegetables-...................use a dash on creamed potatoes

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buttermilk Custard Pie - RECIPE

Here is a simple little Dessert Recipe that I got from my Sister-in-Law, Virginia.

SIMPLE RECIPE, RICH DESSERT: We were invited to dinner at their house last week, and she served this up as one of the desserts. I ate a piece, and Boy, was it good.
I stopped eating this great dessert though, after just one piece, because my taste buds told me:  
Hey, Lookout Bro, anything this good has to be really really fattening.
A quick look at the ingredients and, it is obvious that this recipe will never make anyone's list of low-fat, low-cal desserts.
But, It REALLY is GOOD! Try It!


1-1/2       cups       Sugar
1/2           cup        Bisquick
1              cup        Buttermilk
1              Tsp.       Vanilla flavoring
1/3           cup        Margarine, melted
3              large      Eggs


1-  Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl until well blended
2-   Coat a Pie Pan with cooking spray.
3-   Pour the mixture into the coated Pie Pan, and place in a preheated 350F oven.
4-   Bake for 30-minutes or until Golden Brown, and remove before it is set in the middle.
5-   Allow to Cool and it will set.

NOTE: From Virginia: "After it sets, it will still be a little JIGGLY".

Sunday, July 24, 2011

AVOCADOs - Purchasing Tips

Avocados are a popular food that provides good nutrition and has a healthy Fat content. Here are some tips on how to Select and Purchase the best Avocados.

Purchasing:  When purchasing; if the Avocado is soft to the touch then it is ready to use, but if it is firm and hard then it should be allowed to ripen at room temperature.
Hass Avocados show their ripeness by not only yielding to pressure, but by changing color from green to a purple-black color. 
The other Green-skinned varieties do not change color when ripe.   
Firm Avocados will ripen at room temperature or even faster if stored in a paper bag at room temperature.   
Avocados will not ripen when cut. 
Large avocados are generally lower in fat but also have a less rich flavor than their smaller counterparts.

This is an excerpt from my book FOOD FACTS available on Amazon..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CARROTS - TIPS - Selection & Storage

Carrots are a popular food, and the following tips should help you select, care for and store them properly for a long tasty life.
 Selection: When selecting Carrots, look for smooth roots, as they will be easy to wash and will not require peeling. Look for uniform color, with no interior zoning.
When selecting baby carrots, be sure that you are selecting a mature hybrid variety, and not just a small immature regular carrot, as they will not be as sweet and flavorful.
If your carrots have aged, cut them lengthwise and remove the woody core for use in a tastier meal.
Storage: When storing Carrots, detach the tops if they are still on the carrots
Do not store carrots near Apples. Apples give off ethylene gas, which will turn the carrots bitter.

This Post is an excerpt from the Book FOOD FACTS by Don Bobbitt on Amazon.

Summer Fruit Drink - RECIPE

This Recipe is for a wonderful fruit drink that when made and served in the heat of the Summer, provides a good, healthy and low-sugar beverage for all.
1     Qt          Orange Juice, with or without pulp, with no Sugar added 
3     Medium  Lemons, Juice and pulp with seeds removed
2     Medium  Limes, Juices and pulp awith Seeds removed
1     Cup        Pineapple, cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1     Cup        Mandarin Orange Slices
1     Cup        Splenda Artificial Sweeteener
1     Pt.          Fresh Water
1     Qt.         Ginger Ale (no Sugar)
       twigs of   Fresh Mint


1.      Remove Zest from the Lemons and Limes and set aside
2.      In a large 1-gallon or larger container (Pitcher), add the Orange Juice.
3.      Place the Lemon and Lime Juice with pulp into a blender and blend well.
4.      Add the Lemon/Lime juice to the Orange Juice.
5.      Add the Pineapple chunks and Mandarin Orange slices
6.      Add the Fresh Water and Splenda, and stir slowly until well blended.
7.      Set into the Fridge and allow to chill and the flavors to merge.
8.      When ready to serve, add the Zest and the Ginger Ale as well as large Ice cubes until the Pitcher is filled and stir until blended.
9.      Serve Cold, and place a piece of Fresh Mint on top of each drink.


When serving, for those who prefer a drink with a kick, serve a glass of the beverage along with a shot of Rum or Vodka for the drinker to add if they desire.

This recipe can be made anytime, but you will get these fruits and juices at their cheapest in the Summer, and save on the cost.

This recipe is a little tart, but not overly. Keep it Cold, and make fresh each time for the best flavor.

As this Recipe uses only natural fruits and unsweetened liquids, and has no added Sugar, then it is a good natural and refreshing drink.