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Wine Decanter
The serving of wine is actually a simple process, but some people have turned the process into an art form. They often state that process of serving a good Wine enhances the anticipation of the flavors to be enjoyed.

But, for the average home situation, by understanding the following points you can enjoy your Wines properly regardless of their value or cost.

Use a good corkscrew. 

There are numerous gadgets on the market these days for opening a bottle of Wine, but generally speaking, the simplest one is the best one to use.

Wine Glass

The selection of glassware is almost endless and should be made to comply with your own personal preference. Otherwise, a good functional Wine glass should comply with the following;

  • it should hold 8 to 10 ounces easily to allow the wine to be swirled and give it "breathing room".
  • it should have a stem (this assures the heat from the hand doesn't affect the temperature of the wine).
  • it should be tulip shaped to help concentrate the bouquet of the wine at the top.
  • it should be clear glass so that the clarity and color of the wine can be observed.

Champagne Glasses:

 Never use the flat saucer-shaped "champagne glasses" for champagne. The bubbles and bouquet are lost too quickly and the wine is easily spilled from these.
Always Use a tulip-shaped, or at least a flute-shaped glass for serving a good Champagne.

Decanting Wines:

Some Wine Enthusiasts like to allow their wines to "breath" before it is served and decanting is a recommended part of serving process for Quality Red Wines and Vintage Ports.

The philosophy behind the decanting of a wine is based on the premise that some wines will benefit from exposure to the air. In fact, you will often see some people swirling their wine in the glass to accomplish this.

But, be aware that there is really no advantage to pre-opening a bottle of wine, long before a meal, in a restaurant when you are only exposing less than a square inch if its surface to the air, and for only a few minutes.

This information is from the Book, FOOD FACTS, by Donald Bobbitt



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