Food Definitions

Food Definitions

This page is about Food Definitions, what the words really mean and how to use them.


Fricassee is a name for a process for stewing meats the most popular being Chicken.

The meat is cut up into small pieces, along with other foods such as finely chopped Onions, Carrots and Celery, among others.

Other meats that are often Fricasseed are Pork, Veal, Rabbit, Cornish Game Hen or other White meats.

There are many variations to the process, but typically, the meat is fried, but not browned, in an oil or fat in a deep pan and then it is removed to leave a Roux.
Then the vegetables and stock is added to the Roux and this is cooked until thickened.
The meat is then added back into the gravy mixture and it is simmered to make the Fricassee.

This definition is a selection from the book, available on AMAZON by Don Bobbitt called; FOOD FACTS.

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