Monday, August 29, 2011


Breakfast, as everyone knows is the most important meal of the day for many of us.   
But, when you are trying to control your weight, you need to balance that fact with the knowledge that you need to keep certain levels of your breakfast, like Calorie, Fat, Carb, Salt, Sugar and Fiber content within certain bounds.

  This recipe is a REAL FOOD  meal recipe. It is an actual Omelet that my wife made for me recently, and has a good combination of the key nutrients that you need every day, while minimizing the levels of some of the nutrients.


2              large      Eggs, scrambled
2              oz.         Canadian Bacon, sliced
2              tbs.        Cheddar Cheese, shredded
2              tbs.        Onion, White, chopped
1/4          med.      Tomato, chopped
1/2                        English Muffin, Low calorie, Low Fat
1              pinch     Salt
1/4           tsp.       Black Pepper


1.       Break the eggs and scramble together in a bowl and then pour into a small lightly greased sauté pan.
2.       When the eggs are about half cooked, place the Onion, Cheese, Salt and Pepper evenly over one half of the cooking Omelet.
3.       Fold the empty half of the Egg over to cover the other half of the Omelet.
4.       Cook the omelet until the bottom is done and then flip and cook the other half for one or two minutes.
5.       Remove the Omelet from the heat, and place onto a plate, then spread the tomato pieces over the Omelet.
6.       Toast the one half of an English Muffin and lightly spray the top with a non-fattening Butter flavored spray.
7.       Serve Hot.


Calories-               331
Total Fat-             17.2g
Sat. Fat-               7.1 g
Cholesterol-         472.8g
Sodium-               909.3g
Carbohydrates-    16.4g
Fiber-                  3g
Sugars-                3.6g
Protein-               30.4g

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I always like to try new marinades for my meats.  
 Just the variety of using different marinades can make a big difference in the flavor and enjoyment of meats, especially Chicken and Pork.   
The flavor of both of these meats can be really influenced by taking the time to make simple and flavorful marinades, and this one is one of my favorites.


2              tbs.        Balsamic Vinegar
3              tbs.        Red Wine Vinegar
3              tbs.        Yellow Mustard
½             tsp.        Tarragon, dried
1              tsp.        parsley, dried or fresh and minced
1              tsp.        Rosemary, dried or fresh and minced
1              tsp.        Artificial Sweetener
1              tsp.        Salt
1/2         tsp.        Pepper, rough grind
1/4         cup         EVOO


1.       In a medium bowl, mix the dry ingredients together.
2.       Add all of the other ingredients to the mixture  except for the EVOO, and blend together well.
3.       Add the EVOO, and blend together well.
4.       Place the mixture into a large (1-gallon) sealable plastic bag.
5.       Prepare your meat for marinating;  cut, trim fat, etc.
6.       Add the prepared meat to the marinade in the bag, seal, and allow it to sit in the fridge for at least two hours.
7.       Take the bag out occasionally and move the meat around in the marinade then replace in the fridge.
8.       When ready, cook the meat using the marinade over the meat while cooking for that extra flavor.

NUTRITIONAL Information:

The following is a list of the nutritional content of the marinade itself, and if you ate it all, yourself, this would be the breakdown of what you ate. 
Obviously, using this as a marinade, and even if you cook the meat and baste it with the remaining marinade you will only consume a fraction of the total. 
So add this information to your daily consumption as some fraction of the total. I, personally, usually only consider that I am getting less than 20% of the totals. Make your own decision.

Calories-                550
Total Fat-              57.5 g
Sat. Fat-               8.2 g
Cholesterol-          0 mg
Sodium-               2669 mg
Carbohydrates-    9.7 g
Fiber-                  2 g
Sugars-                0.3 g
Protein-               1.8 g

Saturday, August 27, 2011


REAL FOOD: This is one of my Real Food Recipes. It really gives you a Healthy alternative for lunch when you need to put something together fast that will fill you up and at the same time, make those taste buds happy. 
It is really low in Calories and Fat, and the Sugar level is good.




1          medium      Tomato, fresh, cubed
1/8        cup           Onion, white, chopped
4-1/2     oz.            Tuna, Albacore, Low Sodium, in water, (1-can)
1          tbs.            Mayonnaise, Chol. Free, Fat Free
1          large          Egg, Hard Boiled
1          medium     Cucumber, fresh, peeled, sliced
1          medium     DILL Pickle Spear, chopped,
2          cups          Lettuce, Iceberg, chopped large


1.          In a bowl combine the Tuna, Pickle, Mayonnaise, Onion, and chopped Egg, blending well.
2.        Place the chopped Lettuce onto a plate and add the Tuna Salad in the middle of the plate.
3.        Spread the cubed Tomatoes evenly over the plates ingredients
4.        Chill and serve with your favorite healthy Salad Dressing.

NOTE: Just watch the Salt! You will notice that there is no added salt in the recipe and it still has a Sodium level of almost 300 mg. It tastes great without added Salt, but if you must add some, keep it at a minimum, for your health’s sake.

NOTE: This is one of those recipes that, when you are really hungry, you can easily double and still have a healthy, Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Dish.


Calories:              151
Total Fat:             4.2 g
Sat.Fat:               0.9 g
Cholesterol:         128.5 mg
Sodium :              298.1
Carbohydrates:    9.9g
Fiber:                  2.6 g
Sugars:               5.8 g
Protein:              19.8 g


Monday, August 22, 2011

Squash N Taters - Recipe-Low Cal

This is a REAL FOOD recipe for a dish that is designed to be Low-Calorie, Low Sugar and Low Fat, and to provide reasonable levels of other critical nutrients for the Health concious, as well.

When in season, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash and Red Potatoes can be purchased very cheap.

And that is the time of year that we will make this dish the most, to take advantage of those savings.

And with this recipe, you can get several meals out of the nine cups that it produces.


5     large        Red Potatoes, cubed.
6     medium   Yellow Squash
3     small        Zucchini Squash
1     large        white Onion
1     cup          Vegetable Broth
1     tsp.           Garlic Powder


1-   Wash and cube the Red potatoes
2-   Slice the Yellow and Zucchini Squash
3-   Slice the Onion.
4-   Place all of the ingredients into a large covered Saucepan or acovered Dutch Oven.
5-   Place over medium heat, and cook, covered, until the potatoes are tender with a fork. (This will be approximately 45-minutes.
6-   Remove from the stove,and serve hot.

NOTE: Add Salt and Pepper, and any of your other favorite Herbs to you individual serving.

NUTRITIONAL Information (serving size= 1-cup)
Calories-             111
Total FAT-           0.4g
Sat. FAT-            0.1g
Cholesterol-        0 mg
Sodium-              121.2 mg
Carbohydrates-   24.4 g
Fiber-                 3.1g
Sugars-               4.6 g
Protein-              3.6 g


Saturday, August 20, 2011


So you have a bumper crop of Zucchini Squash this year? Or your friends had a bumper crop. Or they are just so darned cheap right now.

You might enjoy making this tasty Zucchini Relish.  It is relatively easy to make and it will be a great treat when you use it as a condiment later.

10         cups             Zucchini, chopped
4            cups            Sweet Onion, chopped
4            medium       Green Peppers, chopped
2            medium       Hot Peppers, chopped
5            tbs.             Salt
2            jars             Pimentos, small
4            cups           Sugar
3            cups           Vinegar
1            tsp.            Nutmeg
1            tsp.            Celery Seed
1            tsp.            Pepper
1            tsp.            Turmeric

1.       Using your blender, combine the Zucchini, Onion and Hot Peppers, and rough grind (or finely chop with a knife).
2.       Remove the mixture and place into a container with the Salt, and set aside.
3.       Place the Green Peppers and Pimentos into the Blender and rough grind together (or finely chop with a knife).
4.       Mix the Sugar, Vinegar, Pepper, Nutmeg, Celery Seed and Turmeric together and then place into a Pot.
5.       Add the other mixed ingredients and bring to a Boil for 25-30 minutes.
6.       Place the Relish into sterilized Jars and seal the jars.
7.       Store in a Cool, Dry place.