Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Soup - RECIPE

Summer Soup                                       Soups & Stews
2          large           Potatoes, chopped
2          medium     Onions, chopped
3          medium     Carrots, chopped
2          slices           Bacon, fried and chopped
1          can             Chicken broth
2          tsp.              Salt
1          tsp.              Pepper
1          tsp.              Garlic Powder
1/2      tsp               Cayenne
1          tsp.              Paprika
1          quart          Skim Milk
-          Place the chopped vegetables into a pan and cover with water.
-          Bring to a Boil and add the Salt, Pepper, Bacon and other spices.
-          Cook until the vegetables are tender.
-          Place the mixture into a blender and Puree.
-          Add the Chicken Stock and blend together well with a spoon, while seasoning to taste.
-          Chill the mixture in the fridge.
-          When ready to serve add ½ cup of skimmed milk per serving, blending by hand (use a whisk).
-          Top each serving with a Lemon Slice and serve.

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