Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freezing Eggs - A Frugal Tip


Sometimes you just need a few for the occasional breakfast or salad garnish.
And at times, especially when baking on holidays you can use up to several dozen eggs over just a few days.
One way to save some money is to purchase eggs that you may need in a few weeks or months even, while they are on sale at a low price and then freeze them until needed.

Yes, I said freeze your eggs. They can be stored in this way for 1-3 months without any damage to them, and then just take them our from the freezer and thaw them overnight and you have nice fresh eggs ready to use.

Raw whole eggs, raw egg whites and hard-boiled eggs can be frozen; but not eggs in the shell.   
One quick way to freeze egg whites is to place them in an ice tray and then freeze.  After freezing, remove the cubes and transfer them to a freezer container. 
You can prevent raw eggs and yolks from becoming thick when freezing, by adding either 1-1/2 teaspoons of sugar or 1/8 teaspoon of salt for each 4 eggs frozen. 

But be sure to label the freezer container with what you added for future reference. 
Thaw frozen eggs overnight in the refrigerator when possible; otherwise, you can thaw them under cold running water.
I place the sealed bag in a large bowl of room temperature water and let then sit on the counter. It only takes a couple of hours to thaw this way.

  • This selection is from the Book by Don Bobbitt called; FOOD FACTS.

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