Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Fruit Drink - RECIPE

This Recipe is for a wonderful fruit drink that when made and served in the heat of the Summer, provides a good, healthy and low-sugar beverage for all.
1     Qt          Orange Juice, with or without pulp, with no Sugar added 
3     Medium  Lemons, Juice and pulp with seeds removed
2     Medium  Limes, Juices and pulp awith Seeds removed
1     Cup        Pineapple, cut into 1/2 inch chunks
1     Cup        Mandarin Orange Slices
1     Cup        Splenda Artificial Sweeteener
1     Pt.          Fresh Water
1     Qt.         Ginger Ale (no Sugar)
       twigs of   Fresh Mint


1.      Remove Zest from the Lemons and Limes and set aside
2.      In a large 1-gallon or larger container (Pitcher), add the Orange Juice.
3.      Place the Lemon and Lime Juice with pulp into a blender and blend well.
4.      Add the Lemon/Lime juice to the Orange Juice.
5.      Add the Pineapple chunks and Mandarin Orange slices
6.      Add the Fresh Water and Splenda, and stir slowly until well blended.
7.      Set into the Fridge and allow to chill and the flavors to merge.
8.      When ready to serve, add the Zest and the Ginger Ale as well as large Ice cubes until the Pitcher is filled and stir until blended.
9.      Serve Cold, and place a piece of Fresh Mint on top of each drink.


When serving, for those who prefer a drink with a kick, serve a glass of the beverage along with a shot of Rum or Vodka for the drinker to add if they desire.

This recipe can be made anytime, but you will get these fruits and juices at their cheapest in the Summer, and save on the cost.

This recipe is a little tart, but not overly. Keep it Cold, and make fresh each time for the best flavor.

As this Recipe uses only natural fruits and unsweetened liquids, and has no added Sugar, then it is a good natural and refreshing drink.


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