Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CARROTS - TIPS - Selection & Storage

Carrots are a popular food, and the following tips should help you select, care for and store them properly for a long tasty life.
 Selection: When selecting Carrots, look for smooth roots, as they will be easy to wash and will not require peeling. Look for uniform color, with no interior zoning.
When selecting baby carrots, be sure that you are selecting a mature hybrid variety, and not just a small immature regular carrot, as they will not be as sweet and flavorful.
If your carrots have aged, cut them lengthwise and remove the woody core for use in a tastier meal.
Storage: When storing Carrots, detach the tops if they are still on the carrots
Do not store carrots near Apples. Apples give off ethylene gas, which will turn the carrots bitter.

This Post is an excerpt from the Book FOOD FACTS by Don Bobbitt on Amazon.

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