Sunday, July 24, 2011

AVOCADOs - Purchasing Tips

Avocados are a popular food that provides good nutrition and has a healthy Fat content. Here are some tips on how to Select and Purchase the best Avocados.

Purchasing:  When purchasing; if the Avocado is soft to the touch then it is ready to use, but if it is firm and hard then it should be allowed to ripen at room temperature.
Hass Avocados show their ripeness by not only yielding to pressure, but by changing color from green to a purple-black color. 
The other Green-skinned varieties do not change color when ripe.   
Firm Avocados will ripen at room temperature or even faster if stored in a paper bag at room temperature.   
Avocados will not ripen when cut. 
Large avocados are generally lower in fat but also have a less rich flavor than their smaller counterparts.

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