Monday, August 22, 2011

Squash N Taters - Recipe-Low Cal

This is a REAL FOOD recipe for a dish that is designed to be Low-Calorie, Low Sugar and Low Fat, and to provide reasonable levels of other critical nutrients for the Health concious, as well.

When in season, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash and Red Potatoes can be purchased very cheap.

And that is the time of year that we will make this dish the most, to take advantage of those savings.

And with this recipe, you can get several meals out of the nine cups that it produces.


5     large        Red Potatoes, cubed.
6     medium   Yellow Squash
3     small        Zucchini Squash
1     large        white Onion
1     cup          Vegetable Broth
1     tsp.           Garlic Powder


1-   Wash and cube the Red potatoes
2-   Slice the Yellow and Zucchini Squash
3-   Slice the Onion.
4-   Place all of the ingredients into a large covered Saucepan or acovered Dutch Oven.
5-   Place over medium heat, and cook, covered, until the potatoes are tender with a fork. (This will be approximately 45-minutes.
6-   Remove from the stove,and serve hot.

NOTE: Add Salt and Pepper, and any of your other favorite Herbs to you individual serving.

NUTRITIONAL Information (serving size= 1-cup)
Calories-             111
Total FAT-           0.4g
Sat. FAT-            0.1g
Cholesterol-        0 mg
Sodium-              121.2 mg
Carbohydrates-   24.4 g
Fiber-                 3.1g
Sugars-               4.6 g
Protein-              3.6 g


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