Saturday, August 27, 2011


REAL FOOD: This is one of my Real Food Recipes. It really gives you a Healthy alternative for lunch when you need to put something together fast that will fill you up and at the same time, make those taste buds happy. 
It is really low in Calories and Fat, and the Sugar level is good.




1          medium      Tomato, fresh, cubed
1/8        cup           Onion, white, chopped
4-1/2     oz.            Tuna, Albacore, Low Sodium, in water, (1-can)
1          tbs.            Mayonnaise, Chol. Free, Fat Free
1          large          Egg, Hard Boiled
1          medium     Cucumber, fresh, peeled, sliced
1          medium     DILL Pickle Spear, chopped,
2          cups          Lettuce, Iceberg, chopped large


1.          In a bowl combine the Tuna, Pickle, Mayonnaise, Onion, and chopped Egg, blending well.
2.        Place the chopped Lettuce onto a plate and add the Tuna Salad in the middle of the plate.
3.        Spread the cubed Tomatoes evenly over the plates ingredients
4.        Chill and serve with your favorite healthy Salad Dressing.

NOTE: Just watch the Salt! You will notice that there is no added salt in the recipe and it still has a Sodium level of almost 300 mg. It tastes great without added Salt, but if you must add some, keep it at a minimum, for your health’s sake.

NOTE: This is one of those recipes that, when you are really hungry, you can easily double and still have a healthy, Low-Calorie and Low-Fat Dish.


Calories:              151
Total Fat:             4.2 g
Sat.Fat:               0.9 g
Cholesterol:         128.5 mg
Sodium :              298.1
Carbohydrates:    9.9g
Fiber:                  2.6 g
Sugars:               5.8 g
Protein:              19.8 g


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