Monday, July 4, 2011


Chili Beans - pic by - Tobyotter via flickr

Chili Beans                                   Soups & Stews
3              lb.            Ground Beef                        
2              tsp.          Cumin (ground)
2              small      Green Peppers                     
1/4          tsp.          Tabasco Sauce (or Red Pepper)
2              tsp.          Garlic                                    
1              cup         Water
1/4          cup         Cooking Oil                          
2              lb.            Kidney Beans (dried)
2              cups        Catsup                                  
1              cup         Coffee (strong)
4              tbs.          Chili Powder
-     Soak the Dried Beans in warm water.
-     Cook the Beef, Peppers, Onions and Garlic until the Beef is done.
-     Add the remaining ingredients, including the Coffee
-     Drain the Beans and add to the mixture, as well as the water into a Crock Pot or Kettle.
-     Simmer all day, stirring occasionally, and adding water as necessary.

Add Honey or Sugar to sweeten, if desired, and add other hot spices if desired while cooking.

selection is from the Book OLD RECIPES by Donald Bobbitt


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